Insider scoop Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals in Canada for 2018

Black Friday Canada 2018

This is definitely not the be all and end all of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals happening in Canada for 2018, but I thought it would be helpful to compile what I know and what I have discovered over the last few days! And just like I did in my last How to shop the Sephora sale post, I’ll pop in some tips on how to navigate this whole online shopping thing.

PS- this post is not sponsored. I just wanted to share my wealth of online shopping tips with you!

My tips on how to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in Canada for 2018

  1. Keep a list on hand for things that you need, want and need to replace.
  2. Start filling your cart early… before buying day, this way you will have a more efficient purchase (in case the internet crashes!)
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to get some shopping done for the holidays and gift giving, so start planning your gifting strategy early.
  4. Place a calendar reminder or phone alert on sale day, because you don’t want to miss anything!
  5. Use sites like first, and then visit the store you want to buy from, to make extra cash on your purchases! Ebates holds a wealth of coupons and discounts codes too!

I was just on, today and noticed their new Sneak Peak Page for Black Friday! They list all the shops in their directory and the types of sales you can expect.

Start filling your Amazon cart now or check out the list of Amazon Black Friday deals of the week!

It Cosmetics
From November 19th to 25th It Cosmetics is offering 15% off on everything on the website + 6 free travel formats worth $75 with every purchase of $70 and more + 1 makeup bag with every purchase of $90 and more. Use code: FRIDAY18

On November 26 and 27, get 20% OFF purchases over $40 + 1 deluxe-size product. Use code: CYBER18

Products you don’t want to miss out on- CC Cream, Bye bye under eye and Superhero mascara!

Starting November 22 until November 25th, with promo code FRIDAY, get 15% off everything on , as well as free shipping and 12 miniatures kit with any purchase over $75!

On Cyber Monday, November 26, with code CYBERMONDAY, you get the same deal but you get the 12 miniatures kit with every purchase.

I have listed my favourite Vichy products in this post!

Red Flag Deals
WOW! I just came across this website called which catalogues all the Black Friday deals on stores like IKEA, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. It’s worth having a look in case you are buying larger appliances or home entertainment pieces.

Personally, I am in the market for a new washer and furnace… not so exciting I know, but I will be checking out BestBuy for sure!

I hope these little shopping tips and insider scoop helps you plan your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days a little bit better.

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